Working with a Hormone Coach

Have you been wondering what it looks like to work with a hormone coach to fix your hormone imbalances? I can’t speak for all the hormone coaches out there, but I can certainly pull back the curtain on what it looks like to work with me!

Each of my clients go through a three-step process:

  1. Stop the confusion
    The majority of my clients come to me feeling confused and overwhelmed by conflicting advice they’ve been told or read on the internet. So, our first step is to stop that confusion. I provide seven training modules so my clients easily learn exactly what they need to do when it comes to: diet, exercise, sleep, gut health, minerals & their cycle.
    Each of the modules contain pre-recorded lessons that are all under 10mins. I make it my mission to get straight to what you really need to know & cut out the extra fluff junk that no busy mom has time for.
    Here’s a list of the modules:
    -Properly Fuel Your Body
    -Find Joy in Movement
    -Master Your Sleep
    -Mind Your Own Mind
    -Support a Healthy Gut
    -Replenish Your Body
    -Understand Your Monthly Cycle
  2. Get answers–test don’t guess
    You could guess what your body needs, or you could take a simple & easy test that can be done in your own home and KNOW what your body needs, which would you choose?
    For my clients, we choose the testing route!

    So, what is this magical sounding test? It’s called HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis). If you’ve never heard me talk about it before, let me quickly break it down for you. With a small sample of your hair, we’re able to see your mineral & heavy metal levels. This is important because your mineral levels directly impact the function of your hormones, and heavy metals can be causing quite a bit of stress on the body which also negatively impacts your hormones and minerals.
    With this simple test we get insight into your thyroid health, adrenal health (your adrenals are where your stress hormone is made), blood sugar balance, estrogen: progesterone levels, and so much more!
  3. Plan for success
    It’s important for you to know that I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.
    Are there some principals we can all follow & benefit from? Sure! An example of this is drinking half our body weight in oz of water daily.

    But, when it comes to the more complex aspects like how many calories you should aim to consume on average, which supplements you should take, what habits to prioritize first, etc. The answers are very customized to your health history, symptom presentation, & HTMA results.

    I think this is where my program really stands out. I personally take the time to review your health history, your symptoms, your results, & your lifestyle to create a plan that is customized specifically for you. I meet with each of my clients to review their results and their plan so that they can ask any questions or express any concerns, and then we meet again about one month later to review how things are going and make adjustments to their plan as needed.

On-Going Support
My clients & I work together for a minimum of 12-weeks, this time together includes weekly check-ins via email where I can provide support, answer questions, & hold them accountable on a certain habit or goal they are focused on for that week.
Example: I recently had a client that really needed to focus on her sleep habits, so in her weekly check-in she asked me to check in on her mid-week to see if she was truly getting to bed on time like she planned.

At the end of our 12-weeks clients have the option to enroll into a low-cost monthly membership where they can maintain access to me as they continue healing.

Once a month I host a group coaching call where all my current clients are invited to join me in a google meet (very similar to zoom). On this call I typically bring 1-2 topics to educate on, and the rest of the time is reserved for my clients to get their questions or needs addressed.

The weekly check-ins and daily Facebook group posts will help keep you on track & accountable to the commitment you’ve made to yourself by signing up to work with me in my program.

Get Started Now
In my experience, clients see success fixing their hormone imbalances much faster once they start working with a coach.
Visit this link to read a little more about my program Burnout Buster & enroll if you choose!
If you’re looking for a way to get started but aren’t ready to work with a coach just yet, click here to sign up for my free 5-day Hormone Reboot challenge!