So, tell me more about HTMA testing

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is a simple & easy test you can collect from yourself at home & mail off the lab right from your mailbox!

To do the test you clip a small sample of your hair and send the root (scalp end) to the lab. They send me the results & I’m able to examine each of the individual minerals and several heavy metals. There’s 37 data points in total!

How is this helpful?

Our body deposits minerals into our soft tissues (our hair is a soft tissue) in very specific patterns based on what’s going on within the body. From these patterns we gain insight into your thyroid health, how your body is responding to stress, if your blood sugar is balanced, what the balance is between your estrogen & progesterone, & a lot more nerdy-science stuff that you don’t need to worry with, because I’ll take care of it for you.

The bottom line: it tells us what is causing your hormones to be imbalanced, causing all those pesky, unwanted symptoms. We use that information to make changes to your diet, lifestyle, & supplements to correct the hormonal imbalances.

How is it different from blood work?

When you have blood work drawn, for the most part, you are only capturing data from that single point in time. An HTMA test provides us with data from the last 3 months.

Certain minerals like potassium and magnesium are intra-cellular minerals, meaning that they are primarily found inside the cells. HTMA testing lets us see that intra-cellular data whereas blood work is only examining the very small percentage of those minerals that stays within the blood serum.

How much hair does it take?

Not much! The testing kit comes with a scale so you can feel confident you are providing the lab with enough hair. It ends up being about a teaspoon worth of hair. You can cut hair from the backside of your head in multiple different areas so that its easily covered & never noticeable even for those with short hair!

How often should you have an HTMA test?

This is individualized, but what I can say is that in general when you are initially working on getting your minerals replenished & balanced it might be necessary to have your initial test, repeat in about four months, and then either repeat again in four months, or transition to only testing every six months. Once you’ve gotten to a point where your minerals are balanced, you can test once a year.

Who should consider getting an HTMA test?

Anyone that’s experiencing unwanted symptoms like: hair loss, fatigue, PMS, heavy periods, weight loss resistance, anxiety, mood swings, bloating, etc.

Every client I’ve worked with in my practice, as well as everyone I know who has ever had an HTMA test, says that they find the results to be incredibly informative, validating, and helped them to feel a lot more confident that the changes they were implementing into their life were the right ones!

If you’re interested in getting HTMA testing done:

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