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Hey Mama! Let's say goodbye to hormone imbalances & feeling burnt-out together!

Are you walking around feeling worn down, tired, moody, & like you can’t keep up with all the things that #momlife demands?

I bet you’ve put yourself on the back burner for too long, is that right?

Do you struggle with:

  • low energy
  • PMS
  • painful periods
  • low libido
  • being easily irritated by small problems
  • difficultly sleeping
  • anxiety or depression

Sound familiar? When you work with me you’ll learn tools to balance your hormones & keep symptoms like these at bay for the rest of your life.

What past clients are saying....

I'm a little over 30 days into the supplements. My clothes are falling off. I have to go shopping today for basics and staples (undergarments & jeans & tanks). My libido is back & I feel so good. NO STOMACH ISSUES (!!!!!!!!!) no diarrhea, no acid issues, no burps, no pain. My skin is clear & glowy. My energy is fire!
A, 2023
Former HTMA Client
I could cry tears of joy for how this program has improved my life. I feel like ME again.
E, 2023
Former VIP Client
I know I’m only a few weeks into the protocol (6 weeks since all supplements have been in) but I’m already feeling better and seem to have improved sleep as well. I’m excited to continue and find the balance I’ve been seeking for so long!
K, 2023
Former HTMA client

Could this be the answer you've been looking for too?

If you’ve been looking to address your lack of energy, moodiness, and periods that are disrupting your life, then you’re in the right place!

When you work with me you will…. 

  • Learn what to eat so that you have consistent energy
  • Be equipped with new tools & techniques for managing the stress that you know is unavoidable
  • Learn habits that will increase your quality of sleep (sleep majorly impacts our hormones)
  • & so more much!

I have three offerings to meet you where you’re at in your journey:

This package is for the woman that’s ready to identify the root cause of her hormonal symptoms and take action!

You’ll do functional lab testing so we know exactly what nutrition, lifestyle, & supplement changes your body needs in order to thrive.

You’ll be working with me for 16-weeks so that as you’re implementing your customized care plan (think diet, lifestyle, & supplement recommendations) you feel really supported.

You get private chat access to me so that anytime you have a question, I’m there to answer.

I take 4 VIP clients per month so that you get my individualized attention, click here to apply now.

My HTMA testing package includes 1 HTMA test, a recorded video of me explaining your results and customized care plan, and 4 weekly check-ins with me following the delivery of your results. 

This package is only available a couple times a year and is currently closed at this time.

Click here to join the HTMA waitlist.

This course is for the woman that’s ready to learn how nutrition, sleep, stress, & toxins impact your hormones. 

This course includes 6 short video lessons and is accompanied by 3 incredible bonuses that will help you implement the tools and strategies you learn.

  • Get to Know Aunt Flo
  • Journal Prompts
  • Affirmations & Mantras

You’ll have group chat access to me through my practice better site (they have an app!) so that if you have questions, I’m there to support you. 

Click here to enroll!

I created the Painful Period Toolkit to help end the suffering that some women endure each and every month that’s disrupting their day-to-day life.

Whether you’re experiencing painful cramps, heavy bleeding, mood swings, or hormonal headaches/migraines this toolkit gives guidance and recommendations that will help alleviate those symptoms.

Click here to snag the toolkit now!  

Vanda's Education & Certifications:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Masters in Nursing Education (MSN)
  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) by Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM)
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Advanced- Stress and Hormones
  • How to use the DUTCH test for PCOS- Rupa University
  • HTMA Master- Kendra Perry
  • HTMA Expert- Kendra Perry
  • Understanding Fertility with the DUTCH test- Precision Analytical Inc.
  • Mastering Functional Hormone Testing- Precision Analytical Inc.
  • Nurse Coach- Advancing Holistic Health
  • Functional Medicine for Nurses: A Root Cause Approach to Health & Healing- Integrative Nurse Coach Academy