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Seed Cycling: Your Guide to Improved Fertility and Hormonal Health

As the modern woman navigates through her life, the need to maintain hormonal balance has become increasingly critical. From the symptoms of PMS to the challenges of infertility, hormonal imbalances can take a toll on our overall well-being. But what if a simple dietary tweak could hold the key to restoring this delicate balance? Enter the practice of seed cycling, a natural approach to hormone balance and improved fertility.

In the latest episode of the podcast, I tackle the topic of seed cycling, an easy yet effective strategy for supporting your estrogen and progesterone levels during each phase of your menstrual cycle. By consuming specific seeds during the follicular and luteal phases, you can actively support your body’s hormonal balance, leading to improved fertility and overall health.

Seed cycling works by supporting the two main phases of your menstrual cycle: the follicular phase and the luteal phase. During the follicular phase, the first 14 days of your cycle starting from the first day of bleeding, consuming freshly ground flaxseed and pumpkin seeds can support your estrogen levels. These seeds are rich in healthy fats, fiber, and a bit of protein, providing nutritional benefits in addition to hormonal support.

As you transition into the luteal phase, which occurs post-ovulation, the seeds change to freshly ground sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. These seeds are designed to support progesterone levels, the primary hormone during this phase.

While the immediate results of seed cycling might not be visible, consistent practice can yield significant benefits.

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