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    A’s Arrival

    In our area there is a hefty demand for foster parents. We assumed that once we were approved we would start getting placement calls right away. We had even been told by other foster parents, that they received a placement on the same day of their approval! Much to our surprise when we were approved in August/September, it was November before we received the placement call for our little guy. Legally, I’m unable to share his name at this time, so in the online space we refer to him as “A”. Let me set the Scene It had been a long day at work. I was 32 weeks pregnant with…

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    How To Become A Foster Parent (In Kentucky)

    The approval process to become a foster parent is not difficult, but it can be lengthy & time consuming. The following are the steps Blake & I took to become an approved & open foster home (there may be new steps/requirements that I’m unaware of). I found it difficult to find information online on how to become a foster parent in our area, what was required, who to contact, and when trainings were offered. I recommend locating & calling your local DCBS office for direction/information. OR if you know someone that is a social worker or works for a foster care agency, they can be a wonderful resource. Attend an…

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    Why We Decided to Foster

    I’ve previously shared here that I dated someone with a child, that I’m a nurse, and that I’ve always wanted to be a mom. All of these things played a big role in my desire to be a foster parent. I guess I could give the cliché answer of “I loved kids so much that I just wanted to help them all” because that’s true, but my actual decision to foster took a lot more thought than that. I worked with pediatric patients for the first five years of my nursing career, and before that as a nursing assistant. As a pediatric nurse you see a lot of neglect/abuse that…