Podcast Episodes

Exploring what Holistic Wellness Means to Me

Today I launched the very first Wellness with Vanda podcast episode! In this episode I’m sharing what holistic wellness means to me and why I chose “wellness” for my branding. One of the concepts I delve into is the profound influence our thoughts have on our overall wellbeing. We live in an era where the mind-body connection is no longer a mysterious concept but a well-established fact. It’s not just about being disease-free; wellness is about complete physical, mental, and social well-being.

I discuss traditional and functional medicine, underscoring the importance of setting long-term health goals. Traditional medicine tends to focus on treating diseases after they occur, whereas functional medicine aims at promoting health and preventing disease. Both approaches are vital and have their unique place in our healthcare system. But I encourage you to find a balance that fits your individual needs and preferences.

I also get into the relentless pursuit of weight loss, which has become a common obsession amongst our society. This episode challenges listeners to reconsider whether the sacrifices often made in the name of weight loss, such as missing out on family time, depriving oneself of enjoyable food, and even taking potentially harmful medication, are truly worth it. I encourage you to reflect on your priorities and what truly matters in your life.

This podcast goes beyond a mere discussion about wellness. It is an invitation to introspection, a call to reassess your definition of wellness. Wellness is multi-dimensional and goes beyond physical health. It encompasses mental and emotional health, social connections, spiritual health, and more.

I invite you to embark on this enlightening journey with me, challenge the status quo, redefine your health priorities, and perhaps find a new perspective on wellness. After all, the journey to wellness is a lifelong adventure, not a destination.