Younger years

  • Younger years

    Getting out of an Unhealthy Relationship

    After calling off my engagement I spent a lot of time being single. I went on dates here and there, but it never really went anywhere. I constantly got asked when I was going to get married, didn’t I want a family, why hasn’t someone taken you off the market yet. All while also seeing the majority of my friends get married or have the first of their babies. That was a really hard time for me; I was so happy for my friends, but I was devastated that it wasn’t my turn yet. I remember being made to feel like I was “too-much woman” to attract a husband because…

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  • Younger years

    I Called Off My Wedding

    While attending Campbellsville University for nursing school I was introduced to a great guy by a co-worker. At the time I was very focused on being successful in school and didn’t have time to commit to a new relationship, but I thought this would be a nice person to hang out with and do fun things together when I did have free time. As school progressed, I figured out how to balance my time and our relationship progressed. Over the next year we fell in love, got to know one another’s families, and began to dream of what a future together would look like. I knew a proposal was in…

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