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Seasonal Affective Disorder: From Personal Insights to Empowering Strategies

In my recent podcast episode, I did a deep dive into a mental health condition that often gets cloaked in misunderstanding – Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). If you’ve ever felt more anxious or down during the fall and winter months, you might be dealing with SAD. This condition affects more women than men and its exact cause is unknown. However, it’s thought to be related to decreased light exposure during the winter and fall months.

In this exploration of SAD, I unpack the latest research, symptomatology, and diagnosis criteria include feelings of depression, fatigue, low energy, loss of interest in activities, and increased cravings for carbs. The most common treatment is light therapy, which can sometimes be tricky to incorporate into a traditional work routine. But, with some creativity, it’s possible to expose oneself to more light and better manage the symptoms.

During the episode I also delve into my personal experience feeling like SAD might be creeping up on me, and what I’m doing about it. The episode is filled with personal insights, handy tips, and empowering strategies for anyone navigating SAD. The goal is to offer support, provide understanding, and equip listeners with practical strategies to handle SAD. So, if you’ve been feeling more than just a bit down or anxious, especially during the fall and winter months, this episode is a must-listen.

The episode concludes with a conversation about the magic of positive thinking and the power of simply adding ‘right now’ to our negative thoughts. It’s a refreshing perspective that aims to shift our thoughts for better mental wellbeing. It’s a journey, but with the right tools and mindset, it’s a journey that can lead to empowerment and better mental health.