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Favorite Baby Items Birth-One Year

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Items are in no particular order. I have personally used all of these items and found them to be very useful as a first time parent!

Gender Neutral Baby Gowns


Banana Toothbrush



Baby Carrier/Wearable

Traditional Swing

Nose Frida

Baby tub-infant

Baby tub seat-for once sitting up

Play yard


Carseat Toy

Drying Grass

Burp Cloths

Newborn Sleeper Pillow

Portable activity arch

Love to Dream Swaddle

Crib Liner

Portable & Rechargeable Sound Machine/Light

Portable baby play dome great for outdoors, beside the pool, or on a boat!

Non-infant Stroller

Baby monitor & extra/additional monitor

Baby self feeding Utensils

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