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Favorite Items For Mom

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Pregnant/Breastfeeding/Postpartum Round-Up


This t-shirt pack is awesome because they’re super comfy & the white is NOT see through

Again, white is NOT see through

Wore these as a dress or a gown, had in a few different colors

Wore this for maternity pictures

Worn to my baby shower

Cotton Shorts:

Athletic Shorts

Scrub pants for work….super comfortable, only downside is they’re a wee bit short for my long legs, however, I never could find maternity scrubs sold in a “long”

For the delivery room……I didn’t use it, but my husband did LOL


Could (&do) link this portable night light in a ton of areas because we used it for everything & still do!

For spectra pump: (ps-order these ahead of time…..don’t wait til you need them, lesson learned)

I only ordered one of these, once the block was full I put the bags into a gallon zip lock bag to make a “brick” and stored that way

Used this as an extra pump, best part is the pump is compatible with the spectra collection flanges & bottles

Not sold on amazon: Freemie Liberty Pump & Collection Cups

Collection Cups are compatible with the spectra pump!

Extra part for freemie collection cups. Again, order ahead of time & keep on hand, trust me!

These fit the tommee tippee bottles, I used when I was storing breast milk in the fridge & at the sitters

Postpartum Recovery

I used these once I got home, but this time I’ll be taking them to the hospital with me, they’re much more sleek than the diaper ice pack they make you at the hospital & helped with my pain SO much!

Used in a sitz bath & bath (even though I really wasn’t supposed to take one)…..warning, makes your bath tub, very slick!

Back/Neck/Sciatic Pain. Anyone & everyone needs one of these, pregnant or not!

Honestly almost didn’t put this on here, because I’m not sure it helped….but it sure didn’t hurt

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