Sixty Days of Just Thrive Probiotics

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I have struggled with poor gut health for the past 10+ years since having my gallbladder removed at age 19. Over the years this has looked like lots of stomach cramps, diarrhea, and periods of constipation. All of which left me constantly feeling bloated, uncomfortable, and anxious about eating when I was away from home (& away from a bathroom).

I was originally told that since my gallbladder had been removed, it was likely higher fat containing foods that was triggering my issues, and to eat a low-fat diet. I started paying attention and even tracking for a period of time, what I was eating that would trigger these episodes of cramping/diarrhea. But I couldn’t find any correlation what-so-ever, it seemed to happen randomly, no matter if I was eating “healthy” or absolute junk…sometimes the same food would make me sick one day, but not the next.

As you can imagine this was very frustrating, so again I had a discussion with my doctor. As a result, I was placed on a medication called Colestid, a cholesterol medication that’s #1 side effect is constipation. I continued to take this medication for years, it worked well for a while, but eventually did start to cause increasing constipation so I weaned myself off of the medication.

More & more people began talking about the power of probiotics for digestive health, so figuring that I had nothing to lose, I started taking one daily. I’ve since learned that not all probiotics are the same, not all actually survive digestion to arrive in your intestines, and that probiotics alone cannot heal poor gut health.

Learning more and more about a functional medicine approach, I knew that I needed to get to the root cause of my gut issues, or else I would never really fix the problem, just Band-Aid it. Plus as I’ve learned that our gut health affects nearly every single other thing in our body, it felt even more important to address the issue.

As a first step I decided to invest in a higher quality probiotic. I was introduced to Just Thrive by Megan Kober from The Nutrition Addiction. After doing my own research, I decided to give it a try because its spore based, has proven survivability, and they completed a study which proved their product helped reduce leaky gut.

I have now been taking Just Thrive daily for 60 days and am happy to report that I absolutely can tell a difference. I have experienced less bloating, less episodes of diarrhea, no constipation, and feel less GI “discomfort” in general.  

Although I am not completely “healed” in the area of gut health, I knew switching probiotics would not be a magical quick fix cure. I am taking other steps to aid in the healing of my gut: increased water intake, increasing fiber, decreasing my consumption of inflammatory foods, and have a food sensitivity test pending.

If you struggle with an upset stomach, acid reflux, diarrhea, or constipation I highly recommend giving Just Thrive a try for at least 60-90 days as it will take time to notice a difference. You can order Just Thrive from their website here and you can use code “theaubreyfam” for 15% off your order.