Symptoms are Messages

Often times when you’re suffering through a combination of symptoms, it can feel like your body is betraying you at every opportunity.

But I have a challenge for you today:

Stop thinking of those symptoms as your body betraying you, and instead think of them as your body’s way of communicating with you.

Those symptoms are little messages from your body that it needs more or less of something.

Think of what things could be causing your symptom(s)—sometimes there’s several possibilities.

Tired? Maybe you need more rest, mineral support, better quality sleep.

PMS? Maybe you need to reduce your toxin exposure, increase your fiber,

Mood swings? Do you need to eat in a way that supports a steadier blood sugar level?

Bloating? Do you need more fiber? Are you eating too much fiber? Are you taking medications or supplements that might be decreasing your stomach acid? Do you need a probiotic? Do you need a different probiotic?

Keep asking yourself questions and digging deeper into potential root causes. Then you can slowly implement changes and observe whether your symptoms improve or not.

It’s easy to feel annoyed with your body when all you want is to feel good, but when you can stop being angry with your body & instead start to work with your body that is typically when you will experience a decline in symptoms.

If you’re not sure how to track down the root cause of your symptoms, head over to Instagram & give me a follow @wellness.with.vanda I share a lot of great information on that account that you may find helpful. I also work with clients on this very thing, if that’s something you’re interested in DM me on IG or email me at vanda@theaubreyfam.com to learn more!