Skin Care Routine

I am in the process (& have been for a while) of changing over a lot of my beauty and household products to cleaner, more hormone friendly options. I often get requests/questions about what I use on my skin, so we’re breaking it down today!

I have two main sources that I get all my facial/cleansing products from: Perfectly Posh & Beauty Counter

These are two companies that I trust and whom use clean ingredients to create healthier products

In shower face wash:

BFF from Perfectly Posh

I have used this product for the past five years and it has never let me down! I originally started using Perfectly Posh products when my friend started selling it, sold it myself for a while, but now I’m just a regular customer! Perfectly Posh products are naturally based, responsibly sourced, and cruelty free. This product specifically is vegan. Perfectly Posh offers buy 5 get 1 free on all of their products, so if you use more than one of their products its easy to save!

How I use it: I apply this while I’m in the shower. After I’ve washed & conditioned my hair, I apply a nickle sized amount to my face and keep it on while I’m washing my body. It is a mild exfoliant and has a minty feel to it, so it will make the skin feel cool after being on for a bit. I wash it off after I’m done washing my body. I probably use it 3-4 times per week now, but I have used it daily in the past with no irritation to my skin.


Moisturize 911 and Day & Night from Perfectly Posh

How I use it:

Moisturize 911 contains caffeine and therefore helps with any puffiness or bags under the eyes; for this reason I typically use this in the mornings. It is also vegan.

Day & Night contains aloe vera and olive oil making it very soothing and calming to the skin. I typically use this at night before bed. Vegan as well.

Face masks:

The Stripper from Perfectly Posh & Counter + Overnight Resurfacing Peel from Beauty Counter

How I use it:

The Stripper is a clay & charcoal mask that I will use if I am having any type of breakout. I cleanse my face first if I’m wearing makeup, if not I just wet my face, apply, and allow it to dry for around 20 mins. The bonus to this product is that it can also be used on your body, so if you have breakouts on your shoulders/back which I get from time to time, its great to have on hand! I also use it in my arm pits occasionally now that I’ve switched to a more natural deodorant.

Beauty Counter’s Overnight Resurfacing Peel is still relatively new to me, but I have been using it for 2ish months now and really like it! I feel like it helps my forehead and cheeks to be smoother. They recommend using it every other night, but more realistically I use it 2 maybe 3 times per week. I apply it after cleansing my skin and don’t use any other moisturizer.

Warning, this product does not have the best smell when you apply it, but you do not smell it on your skin once it absorbs. It doesn’t hinder me from using it, but this is an expectation to keep in mind as you switch to more natural products—less fragrance, which is exactly what we want!

Make-up Remover:

Instant Eye Makeup Remover from Beauty Counter

How I use it:

This one is pretty self explanatory…..I apply to a cotton ball & swipe my eyes. I’ve found that it does easily remove my waterproof mascara as well.

This make up remover is how I first started using beauty counter products. I have been more than satisfied with every product of theirs that I’ve used thus far!

Vitamin C Serum:

Counter + All Bright C Serum

I get redness/blotchiness on my cheeks and have found that this really helps reduce the redness and make my skin tone appear more even over all.

How I use it:

I apply a thin layer to clean skin in the mornings, allow for it to dry, and then use my moisturizer next.

Daily cleanser:

You’ll actually have to stay tuned for this one….the one I was using wasn’t hormone friendly and I have ran out (I typically replace things as I run out), so I’m making the switch! I’ll share with you that I am going to try Countermatch Refresh Foaming Cleanser from beauty counter, but it is on order and has not arrived yet, so I can not speak to it from personal experience just yet.