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Sausage & Veggies Sheet Pan

While reviewing feedback from my HBA (Hormone Balance Academy) students I heard loud and clear that they would like more assistance with putting together balanced meals.

I love to cook, but I also like to keep things simple—quick meals with no complicated ingredients & that’s what I’ll be sharing with you all here!

So what makes up a balanced meal? Ensuring that you have all major macros represented: protein, fat, fiber, & carbs.

The Breakdown


For this meal I used 2 smoked sausages like this from walmart


The potatoes, zucchini, and squash were all tossed in Avocado oil which serves as the health fat here.


Zucchini, Squash, & Potatoes



How to make it:

First you’ll need to preheat your oven to 425 and follow this recipe from Feeding Our Flamingos

You’ll need a tool like this to make cutting your potatoes into fries easier! However, if you don’t have one you can manually cut the potatoes into small wedges.

You wont use all of the seasoning mix from the recipe, I recommend storing the extra in a small mason jar like this for using again in the future! I promise you’re going to want to have these fries again soon!

I definitely recommend turning the broiler on for 3-4 mins at the end of cooking to help crisp up the fries, but watch closely so you don’t burn them! Sometimes I broil for 2mins, toss/turn and do 2 more mins.

We loves these homemade fries paired with my favorite ranch!

Slice your squash & zucchini and toss with avocado oil and about 1 tbsp of the seasoning mix from the fry recipe. Lay in a single layer on a baking sheet (cover with parchment paper to prevent sticking).

Slice sausage into coin like pieces & layer on top of squash & zucchini.
Note: If you have extra you can add some on top of the fries as well, but this prevents the fries from getting as crispy.

When the fries are halfway cooked (after the first 25mins) toss/turn them and add back to the oven, then you’ll want to add your veggies & sliced sausage to the bottom rack of your oven. I’ve found that it works best to cook the fries on the top rack. The recipe calls for turning the oven down to 400 degrees at this time, but I leave it at 425. Cook for 20mins, remove the sausage/veggies sheet pan, and turn the broil on high to finish crisping up the fries!
Note: if you cooked part of the sausage on-top of your fires, remove the sausage pieces prior to broiling.

Plate it & enjoy!