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Postpartum Recovery-2 months

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If there were a February 29th, my baby would be 2 months old tomorrow! Does that mean we just get to skip and he gets to stay 1 month old longer, please? No…well, okay then….


So I thought by this point I would have myself back into a movement/exercise routine. Let’s all take a moment to LOL at that.

Ain’t happening. MAYBE after next week when I get into my new routine with working from home & the kids being at the sitter, I’ll work it in.

Being mindful that my body is still very much in a time of healing and not needing additional stress, I hope to strength train 2-3 times per week only. Walking outside or some stretch yoga flows will be perfect for the other days.


This past month the emotional postpartum rollercoaster set in. I’ve been up and down the past four weeks and everyone around me (I’m looking at you Blake & Mom) would totally agree. I have not been experiencing any blues or sadness, but crying more than usual, testier more than usual, more sensitive than usual…..all over the place. Some days I felt totally fine & level headed….other days I’m bawling at One Tree Hill episodes and worrying about my kids getting bullied at school.

I wish I could say I’m back to feeling more level headed, but this past weekend would disagree. LOL! Apparently it’s not my turn to get off the rollercoaster just yet.


I moved Kenley to her own room at 3 weeks old in an attempt to help her (& I) sleep better….it did not help, for the record.

I’m feeling like I may never move Hollis to his own room. Just kidding, but seriously don’t plan to move him out of the bassinet for quite a while….the thought of having to get out of bed & walk across the house to nurse him in the middle of the night sounds VERY unappealing to me.

He’s still giving me good 3-4 hour stretches at night. On rare occasion he’ll sleep 5-6 hours but that’s happened like literally twice. I have hopes that this month he’ll start sleeping a little longer, cause Momma loves her sleep.


Nothing here has changed much…..I’m probably snacking a little less since my breastfeeding hunger is leveling out.

My goal is always to get protein, fat, fiber, & carb on my plate at each meal. The past week and for this month, I’m really trying to get more vegetables in at all meals because I had been slacking.  


First, just as a reminder, this is not me recommending you to take this supplement regimen…it’s simply what I’ve chosen to do and I recommend talking with your provider before you implement any new supplements/vitamins especially if you’re breastfeeding.

This past week I switched from FullWell prenatal vitamin (code: VANDA) to MegaFood’s Postnatal Multi, I took their Baby & Me 2 Prenatal during pregnancy while FullWell was out of stock and really loved it! I haven’t been on this one long enough to give an opinion just yet, so stay tuned.

Perfect Supplements Vitamin D drops I do 5 drops directly onto my tongue each morning
Fun fact: if you’re taking 4000-6400 units daily, research has shown Vitamin D crosses into the breastmilk and you do not have to give your baby additional vitamin D 🙂

I ran out of my Just Thrive Probiotic (Code: THEAUBREYFAM) so I’m currently taking Phillips Colon Health capsules. BUT I’ve ordered a new probiotic from BIOHM to try. It’s made up of bacteria, fungus, and has digestive enzymes….I’m very intrigued, so stay tuned on a report back on that!
They did give me a discount code: AUBREYFAM you can get 20% off, but again, I have not personally used the product yet FYI.

Electrolyte Supreme (fruit punch flavor) drinking this every single day & LOVING it. I literally look to it every morning.

Occasionally using: (if I want a different flavor for the day)
 LMNT (orange is my favorite flavor, its very similar to orange gatorade), or Re-Lyte (lemon-lime and strawberry lemonade flavors are my favorite, I definitely recommend trying the variety pack first)
The LMNT brand has the most salt taste to it, FYI. I mix with 25oz of water to help the taste most of the time

MagSoothe drinking every single night before bed!
I had been hit or miss with remembering to drink it, but I was noticing such a difference in my sleep when I didn’t take it, that I’ve made it part of my nighttime routine so that I don’t forget!

Perfect Supplements Unflavored Collagen I use 1-2 scoops of this in smoothies, tea, or decaf coffee. Its truly unflavored and dissolves SO well in hot or cold beverages!

I have finally found a Chocolate Collagen that I LOVE! It’s from Further Food—you can mix 1 scoop with 8oz of hot water & it’s just like a very good hot chocolate! I’ve also used it in my mug cakes & to make a chocolate covered strawberry smoothie, so YUM!

Preparing to Return to Work

The time has come…..dun dun dun

Next Monday I return to work. I’m honestly having such mixed emotions about it.

So, I accepted a new job while I was on maternity leave (working from home). I love a new opportunity & feel like that’s always an exciting thing.


I’m also loving being at home, snuggling my baby, and working on Hormone Balance Academy, this blog, and with my 1:1 clients.

So, I’m both excited and dreading it. I think that’s normal, right?
To prepare, I’ve been trying to “plan” for the layout of my days, especially since I’ll be working form home now. Since this is a new job, I don’t exactly know what my day-to-day will look like just yet. However, I’m hoping to get a load of laundry going in the mornings, do dishes or unload the dishwasher on lunch, and get that laundry folded and put away before the kids get home in the afternoons. Eventually I’ll get those workouts plugged in somewhere (hopefully in the morning).

I plan to do the majority of my HBA work first thing in the mornings and then in the hour-ish I’ll have in the afternoons before Blake & the kids get home.

Stay tuned, I’ll report back on working from home life for sure!