Sneaking more Protein into your Diet

I was recently asked by a community member to share some ways that I sneak extra protein into my diet. She didn’t say this, but I feel like that question came up because if we’re honest, it’s really freaking hard to get enough protein unless you are an absolute lover of meat and eat really meat heavy dishes.

If you’re unfamiliar with how much protein you should be getting, in general, my recommendation is 0.8-1 gram per pound of body weight.

That sounds a little complicated, so let me give you an example. For someone that is 150 pounds I would take 150 * 0.8 = 120grams and then 150 * 1 = 150grams so this person should eat somewhere between 120-150grams of protein a day.

I’ll even take that a step further and break it down by meal for 120grams, so let’s say this person consumes 3 meals a day and 1 snack they would want to aim for 30grams at 1 meal, 40grams at their 2 other meals, and 10grams at their snack.

Alright now that we’ve covered the basics, I’m going to share some ways that I sneak protein into my diet to hit these goals:

  1. Utilize protein powder at breakfast. Most protein powders are 20-25 grams of protein so it’s a big hit at once.
  2. Incorporate collagen powder into your drinks. Most collagen powders are 10g of protein per scoop and can be added to any hot drink super easily. There are unflavored brands (perfect supplements is my favorite unflavored brand, you can use code AUBREYFAM for a discount) as well as flavored options, Further Food is my go-to for chocolate (code AUBREYFAM for a discount), they also offer vanilla and hazelnut flavors, lastly Clean Simple Eats (code SQUAD10 for a discount) offers a variety of flavors that can be consumed as a cold drink!
  3. Greek yogurt. I’m honestly not a huge yogurt fan, but it’s packed with protein, so I incorporate it into my smoothies as well as a side or snack sometimes. TwoGood is one of my favorite brands and delivers 12 grams of protein per single serve cup.
  4. Hard boiled eggs. I know not everyone likes hard boiled eggs, but I do! I boil them at the start of the week, keep in the fridge, & then add them to my lunch or grab as a quick snack. 1 egg has 6g of protein.
  5. Chia seeds. Not only do they help you get fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, they also have a decent amount of protein. Add them to your smoothies, sprinkle into your yogurt, or add them to a salad!

I would love to hear how you sneak protein into your diet, comment below and let me know!

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