I Hate Meal Prepping.

I know some people LOVE to meal prep and are very passionate about it, but it’s just not my jam. I don’t know what I’m going to feel like eating on Thursday for lunch on Sunday afternoon. AND the thought of having to eat the same thing every day for lunch all week long makes me want to barf.

However, I do agree that being prepared for the week is key for success, so I “meal prep” in my own way.

Since my biggest gripe with traditional meal prepping is the lack of options & variety, I prep/keep on things that I can easily mix and match:

-hard boil eggs

-cut & roast a variety of veggies (usually carrots, broccoli, squash, zucchini, & onions)

-cook chicken in the crockpot (I cook in chicken broth/bone broth, with some salt & pepper that way I can flavor the chicken when I get ready to actually eat it…sometimes I keep it plain, add ranch, add BBQ sauce, buffalo sauce, etc) or I grab a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store.

-cook extra bacon/sausage with Sunday breakfast so I can re-heat through the week

-I always buy turkey deli meat, pepperonis, a variety of cheeses, lettuce, avocados, & high fiber wraps

Every once in a while I mix it up or prep something specific like chicken salad/tuna salad for the week, but this is my typical go-to prep list. It makes breakfast, snacks, & lunch a breeze!

Do you like to meal prep? Do you have your own method for meal prepping? Share it with me in the comments!

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