HTMA Testing

Go from tired, overwhelmed, & stressed to energized, calm, & feeling great!

HTMA testing is a personalized approach for moms that are feeling burnt-out and disappointed in the way they’re currently showing up for their families. They desire to be more patient, engage with their kids more, be less reactive, and feel fulfilled instead of like they’re running on E all the time.

You’re not alone. Many of us wake up feeling tired, stressed, and overwhelmed. Daily tasks become a struggle, and by evening, you feel like there’s nothing left in your tank. You might even feel like you’re constantly “throwing spaghetti at the wall,” hoping something helps.

If you feel like you just don’t know what to do anymore–you’re in the right place!

"I know I’m only a few weeks into the protocol (6 weeks since all supplements have been in) but I’m already feeling better and seem to have improved sleep as well. I’m excited to continue and find the balance I’ve been seeking for so long!"

For When "Just Get More Sleep" or "Try To Exercise More" Isn't Cutting It

As a busy mom it often feels like there’s not enough time for the things that are already on your plate, much less adding extras! But, when you express how you feel tired all the time, you’ve got lingering baby weight you’d like to shed, or that you just wish you had the energy to keep up with your kids, often times you may be asked “well how much are you sleeping?” or “have you tried getting back to exercising?”

I would guess that you’ve already thought of those things yourself. You may have even tried:

  • -joining a gym
  • -intermittent fasting
  • -weight watchers
  • -supplements you’ve seen online

…….but none of it has helped you feel any better.

You deserve to not just get through your day, but to thrive throughout it. A HTMA test & interpretation offers a clear, customized plan so you can feel like the wife, mom, and vibrant woman you strive to be. You’ll discover how to be more loving and patient, not just with your family, but with yourself.

I’m here to help so that in just a few weeks you could be feeling more energized, sleeping better, and feeling less overwhelmed. 

Even when:

  • -you don’t feel like you have any time for yourself
  • -you believe feeling this way is “normal” for motherhood
  • -you’ve tried all.the.things. and they haven’t worked
  • -your life is super chaotic

Why HTMA Testing?

An HTMA test is a simple & easy way to assess your mineral status. Minerals are tiny, natural substances that our bodies need in order to stay healthy, but our bodies can’t make them on its own, we must consume them in our diet and through supplementation when necessary. Minerals are important building blocks for many processes within our bodies, including energy production and producing and balancing our hormones just to name a few. 

I understand how tough it can be to juggle all the things life throws at us, especially when you’re running on empty. It’s time to feel energetic, joyful, and present in your own life.

Learn what your body needs and how to cater to those needs effectively. Let’s put an end to feeling drained, dull, or disconnected.

This is for you if you're ready for:

energized woman

more energy

person sound asleep in a bed

better sleep

emojis from bad mood to good mood

less mood swings

sheet of paper and pen with a heart

less overwhelm

Wouldn't Life Be Better If....

You woke up in the mornings feeling rested, refreshed, and ready to take on the day.

When you went to prepare your meals you knew exactly what foods would support your body and wellbeing.

You were able to handle stressful situations with your kids without feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated.

When your kids said “Momma, come play with me!” you didn’t dread getting up off the couch.

This is all possible for you. It’s why I offer my HTMA testing package.

Imagine not having to battle with constant fatigue or the inability to focus. What if you could handle your daily responsibilities with energy to spare? With HTMA testing and my support, you can stop second guessing what supplements to take, what you should and shouldn’t be eating, or where to focus. You will FINALLY understand what your body is doing and why, so that you can make informed, effective choices for yourself and show your kids what taking care of yourself can really look like.

What All Do I Get?

1 HTMA test so that we can get to the root cause of your symptoms.

Results recording so you can hear from me exactly what your results mean.

A customized 3-month care plan (includes diet, lifestyle, & supplement recommendations) so you feel supported in the months that follow testing.

*BONUS* Access to my hormone reset mini course so that you have a head start on the basics and can re-visit them at any time! Normally priced at $197

*BONUS* 4 weekly check-ins with me following the delivery of your results & care plan so that we can make sure you’re seeing the results you want (and can ask any follow up questions that might have popped up!) Valued at $200

*BONUS* 1 month free in the Wellness with Vanda Club (launching in June), to give you additional support and accountability while you’re implementing your care plan.

But Don't Just Take It From Me....

Grab your HTMA test now!

Hey, Vanda Here!

I got into this business over 3 years ago and I truly love what I do. Getting to help other moms feel their best and show up in their life in a way that makes them feel good is some of the most rewarding work I've ever done.

I’m on a mission to help moms without having to follow crazy rules or give up foods that they love! I believe in a realistic and sustainable approach that you can incorporate into your real day-to-day life, no matter what life throws at you.

I’m a wife and mom to three young kids (with on the way), so when I say ‘I get it’, I truly mean it! I know some nights are going to look like nuggets & mac-n-cheese for dinner, and that other days a workout is our of the question because you're juggling pick-ups, practices, and homework.

I want for you the same freedom that I feel in my life now. The freedom to eat like a normal person. The freedom to choose movement that feels good to me (when I have the time). The freedom that comes with learning what actually supports my wellness and what is actually just a waste of time.

Let's do this together friend, I'm here and ready to support you.

You should definitely purchase this package if.....

You should definitely purchase this package if...

-you want feeling energized to be your normal
-you want a plan that's customized to you
-you're ready learn more about how your body works
-you're ready to implement changes in order to see the results you want

You might want to wait to purchase this package if...

You might want to wait to purchase this package if...

-you're looking for a magical overnight solution
-you're not ready to make ANY changes to your diet, lifestyle, or supplements

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re worried about spending money right now, I get it. The whole world feels super expensive right now. So it’s important to me that you feel safe & supported if we work together.

I have included an optional payment plan which splits the cost into 2 payments (one at checkout & the other 30 days later), if that makes this more accessible for you.

That said, we both know how you feel day in & day out is invaluable and also trickles down to your family. 

If you know the efforts you’ve previously been putting into your wellness are falling flat, then I’m confident that having a customized plan for you to follow, will be extremely helpful and help you get to feeling better sooner rather than later.

How much is that worth to you?

Yes! Remember that I’m a mom of 3 busy kiddos too, so I kept that at the forefront of my mind when I put this package together!

Taking your hair sample for the test will only take around 10mins of your time.

You can expect your results video to be anywhere from 30mins-1hr in length, but it is recorded. I do this intentionally so that you can watch in segments if needed, or you can watch certain portions again at a later time.

The Hormone Reset Course that’s being included as a free bonus currently, was also created with a busy momma in mind. There are only 8 videos total to consume, and they’re all short with no fluffy stuff, just the meat & potatoes of what you need to know. 

Weekly check-ins are optional, although I highly recommend you taking advantage of them, they can be completed in 5mins or less.

I’m so glad you asked! I take my education very seriously.

I’ve been a nurse for almost 10 years which has given me an in-depth understanding of the human body. It has also equipped me with a unique skill set to assess an individual’s signs and symptoms that goes far beyond what traditional health coaches are taught.

I have been trained as a Nurse Coach, a subset of nursing that specifically equips nurses with tools to help others incorporate health related changes into their life.

I have been trained by the Institute of Functional Medicine.

I’ve taken multiple certification courses in HTMA testing specifically and continue to participate in yearly continuing education.  

1 HTMA test so we can assess your mineral status.

1 results recording so I can fully explain your results.

1 12-week care plan that’s been customized to your results.

*bonus* Hormone Reset course access so that you can learn the foundations of good hormone and mineral balance.

*bonus* 4 weekly check ins so that as you’re implementing your care plan we can track your progress and answer questions as they pop up.

You will be mailed your HTMA testing kit with instructions within a week of your purchase and completion of the client agreement and intake form. You may collect your hair sample and mail it to the lab any time. It takes them a couple weeks to process the sample and send me your results. Once I receive your results from the lab, I have a 1-week turnaround time to review, create your care plan & deliver the results to you.

You will receive detailed instructions from me on how to collect your hair sample. The most important thing for women to know, is that it’s best practice to wait six weeks (or at least several washes) after getting your hair colored/treated to achieve the most accurate results.

Collecting your sample is not as intimidating as it sounds–I promise! You’ll pull the top half of your hair into a bun on top of your head and collect the sample from the back of your head, so that it is easily hidden. The amount needed is small, typically around 20-30 strands of hair, but don’t worry, a scale is included in your testing kit so you will know when you have clipped enough hair. 

There is a video of me collecting my own sample on my IG profile (@wellness.with.vanda) in my highlights under “HTMA How To” if you want to check it out! 

The Thursday following the delivery of your care plan. Check-ins are completed through a form in the Practice Better portal.

Absolutely! You can move through the checkout process just like you were using a debit or credit card.

Immediately when you purchase your HTMA testing package.

If you have any other questions, please reach out because I would love to chat!

You can connect with me over on Instagram @wellness.with.vanda or email me at vanda@wellnesswithvanda.com

Are you in?

With this package you can finally take a customized approach to your health & wellness instead of trying all-the-things and hoping something works.

You’re getting:

-1 HTMA test

-A recording of me explaining your results

-A 12-week care plan

-*BONUS* access to my Hormone Reset mini course

-*BONUS* 4 weekly check-ins following delivery of your results

-*BONUS* 1 month free in the Wellness with Vanda Club

All for $500

When I started working with Vanda I wasn’t feeling my best and worried about how my body was dealing with all the postpartum changes it was going through. My mood and energy levels were my biggest concerns. Dealing with stress was also an issue. I also felt that I was supplementing too much/ incorrectly. It's been about a month and I’m not having my afternoon energy crash which I never thought possible. I am paying more attention to the foods I eat as well. My bedtime routine is improving slowly which is a big deal for me. I feel more confident about my health overall. I feel like I know where I’m at and where I need to be. It’s a good feeling to be in control of your health instead of worrying and wondering when things are going to get better! I feel like the advice Vanda gives is actionable and I can ask her questions freely. It's an easy going and informative process. I'd definitely recommend working with Vanda to any woman wanting to take charge of their health, especially those that need support with the postpartum stuff that is not addressed at pp follow-ups!