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The Healthier Mom Bundle

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May 3rd update: the redemption period for this bundle has ended, however you can still redeem my Protein Breakfast Guide below if you wish!

Stay tuned for the next Healthier Mom Bundle coming Fall 2024!

Featured Resources:

Protein Packed Breakfast Guide

This guide includes 5 breakfast ideas, each containing around 30 grams of protein. Starting your day with a protein rich breakfast is important in order to properly fuel your body and help decrease cravings throughout your day!

From Vanda with Wellness with Vanda


The Mindful Meal Planning Method: A Mindful Method to Stay Conscious in the Kitchen, Nourish your body throughout the week and calm and joyful in the kitchen

Mindful cooking and meal planning is about being fully conscious and present for the task of nourishing yourself and your family with balanced and healthy meals for the week.
Meal planning & prep doesn't have to be grueling or tedious once you make it consistent and learn how to make it part of your self-care for the week.
Learn my 6-step process for building joy, ease and calm in the kitchen.

From Jenny Eden Berk


Healthy Habits Planner Bundle, includes a Meal Planner, Fitness & Workout Planner & Weight Loss Planner for Women

Boost your well-being with the Healthy Habits Planner Bundle for a more vibrant you. This comprehensive set of planners includes a Weight Loss Planner for a personalized approach to fitness, a Meal Planner for balanced nutrition, and a Fitness and Workout Planner to energize your exercise routine. Master your health journey to achieve a more balanced life, gaining the energy and vitality needed for holistic wellness, allowing you to thrive in every aspect of your life.

From Rosemary Morretta


Wellness Self Assessment

Do you ever wonder what areas of your life need to be adjusted to help you overcome the obstacles that keep you from moving forward in certain areas of your life? This assessment comes with a video guide and audio resources to help you dive deeper in each of the 8 areas of wellness after you take your assessment.

From Autumn Carter

Healthy Habits Accelerator Course: learn the atomic habit hacking system for women to make your healthy habits stick

It's not your fault your healthy habits haven't stuck...we as women just need to do them differently! In just 21 days, you'll have healthy habits in place that will help you feel your best (all without dieting!) via this system! In this course you will learn the 5 step habit hacking system for women, you'll also receive over 150 habit loops for your food freedom, movement and mindset habits, habit trackers, bi-monthly calls for assistance and it's all in an easy on the go podcast feed!

Use code: HEALTHYMAMA at checkout

From Emily Nichols

Live Virtual Breathwork Session & Bonus Pre-Recorded Session

Are you suffering from burnout and feel like there isn't enough time in the day for you? What if I told you that taking five minutes to breathe intentionally could energize, restore and replenish you? Would you take that small amount of time to fill your tank up?

From Amy Stein with Mind Body Spirit Breath


"If I Go Missing" Template: Emergency Preparedness Guide

Empower yourself and your family with a proactive approach to safety and preparedness.
Perfect for:
- Families seeking to prioritize safety and preparedness in their household.
- Teens and young adults embarking on independent journeys or college life.
- Caregivers looking to ensure the well-being of their loved ones in any situation.

From Valerie Rose with The Weary Educator


Reignite Love: A Marriage Makeover Bundle

Gain access to this powerful guide and a free masterclass, curated to help you rekindle love and connection in your marriage!

From Laura Amador



7 Day Birth Body Reset (for Pregnancy Mamas Who Want To Feel Excited not Anxious About Labor)

With just minutes a day, you can release labor anxiety and flip the switch to WELL-BEING and EASE, recondition your nervous system, and set the stage for a calmer and easier birth. This holistic health-boosting method combines ancient Chinese medicine and modern psychology.

From Marie Berwald with Birth Bliss


3 Tips for Postpartum Recovery

Enhance your Postpartum Experience!
Although we wrote it in a way that tells you there are only 3 Tips, we’ve given you SO MUCH MORE! Our guide is focused on three main categories where the tips are all focused on.
✅ Yoni Recovery – Anything related to your pelvic area.
✅ Nutrition – Anything related to body recovery.
✅ Mental Recovery – Anything related to your brain and mental health.

From Elisabeth van der Wilt

Activities for Kids

Montzi's Magical Quest – A Full Year of Family Fun Adventures

Step into 'Montzi's Magical Quest – A Full Year of Family Fun Adventures ', a fun-filled printable activity book that transforms family time into an enchanting adventure for kids aged 5-10. With 52 captivating quests blending magical tales, educational activities, and cherished moments of bonding, like DIY Time Capsule, Living Room Fort Building, Enchanted Photo Booth, Family’s Magical Museum, and many more, 'Montzi's Magical Quests' will have kids and their grown-ups entertained for hours on end!

From Marina Berea with Montzi

Parenting & Family

Essential Disney Cruise Planning Guide

This 35+ page planner is your ultimate resource for planning the perfect Disney cruise experience. From step-by-step planning to organized checklists, this guide will make sure you stay on track for the vacation of a lifetime!!

From Jenn Moore